Saturday, December 1, 2012

Making Changes

This week has been about making changes in the way I look at things.  I started off by understanding vaguely that I was in overdrive on the artwork front, feeling scattered because I was trying to work on too many projects at once.  I re-read an article on Change from ArtBizBlog which I now can't find online but luckily printed off.  Then when I was in Adelaide and stopped for my cappuccino time, I took out my journal and started writing how I was feeling.  As I wrote, I got into the scattered feeling and started to write about my priorities, realising I was not working on those things as much as on unimportant things.  Once I had journalled about it I could change what I was doing.  I looked at Jude Hill's blog Spirit Cloth and grace Forest's blog windthread and found the change I was looking for, that is,  I became conscious that much as I now love and enjoy working with books and papers, I don't want to let go of working with textiles - so I am bringing textiles back into my personal creativity which I will share with you later.  On windthread I found a post that changed my whole concept of weaving.  I always thought of weaving as humdrum, flat, and uninspiring.  This post shows such a different perception that I am utterly inspired by it and want to incorporate it into my new piece - no I'm not scattering, this is the personal piece that I won't be using in a book form.

One way in which I thought I could change would be to try out the Picasa photo program that is on my computer.  I took an old photo, of a silk embroidery from a couple of years ago, and in Picasa changed it to Neon.
Silk embroidered Gouldian Finches and Ulysses Butterfly

 Cool!  How different is that?


  1. Hey cool is that?, very!
    THANK YOU for giving context for your thoughts
    above....not so much me, but to Jude and Spirit
    Cloth. i am a complete Student of hers. it's
    been going on 4 years and just goes deeper and
    i really love your enthusiasm and look forward
    to working together if that is the thing that
    can happen...
    thank you for liking what i am doing...

    1. Thanks for the feedback, I always enjoy yours and Jude's blogs for your ambience, attitude to life.