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Christine Linton - Artist Statement                                                                                                               

I have a passion for texture and colour; paper, paints and dyes; fabric, needle and thread; yarn, needles and hook.  I love to combine papers and fabrics into mixed media art.  My art work is currently about bringing personal meaning to 3D techniques, such as textile sculpture using basketry.  I have been immersing myself in the fascinating world of Australian indigenous fibre art.
I also love to work with experimental textiles.  I often use Australiana images in my work as I love this country’s distinctive scenery and wildlife.  I grew up in England but came to Australia in 1972. 
I believe it’s important to recycle and reuse what I already have and can readily access.  This is because our world has finite resources and it is wasteful and against our best, long-term interests to discard them heedlessly.  I use recycled resources whenever I can, to fulfil my vision.

Potted Biography
Previous experiences in art and craft
Selling pompom animals as a child, selling knitted hats and scarves as an adult.
Many textile arts and crafts such as hand and machine embroidery, patchwork and quilting, macramé, dolls houses, dressmaking, hand and machine knitting, doll making, bag making, etc, for the whole of my adult life.
Started and ran a children’s vacation-care craft program in 2005.
Started and ran a home-based sewing business in 2006, involving planning and constructing a textile experiential book for dementia patients, selling my quilted bags and cloth dolls at markets, and clothing alterations as required.
2007 returned to the workforce and started planning and preparing for my pattern website during 2008/9.
In 2009 started my blog, and in 2010 launched my website.    In 2011 I studied and passed Cert 3 Visual Arts (Textiles) at Marden Senior College, South Australia, and changed my artistic track from traditional to contemporary.  In 2012 I continued my studies with Cert 4 Visual Arts (Textiles) continuing my direction into books and journals, from which I graduated that year.
In 2013 I have delved into more experimental art, which I have shared in my blog, and changed the direction of my web site to reflect my current interests, in textile books and other speculative art – i.e. what happens if I try this technique with this material ...
In 2014 I am exploring 3D textiles.  I am no longer operating as a small business and consider myself a "hobby artist".
I have been part of several exhibitions – at Marden, at Pepper Street Gallery in Magill, and at Black Diamond Gallery, Port Adelaide.
Previous careers:  secretarial, child care, cleaning for the elderly.

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