Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Using madder to dye

Madder is the root of a plant, which gives various red, pinks and browns of different hues.  On Sunday I went to a workshop run by Lizzy Emery, the third one of hers that I have taken.  She shared her extensive knowledge on natural dyes and mordants, this time Madder.  One of my pieces was a merino wool scarf, which I folded with metal clamps into triangles, and this was the result (I love this, I was so delighted with it).  The mordant was alum, which I have not yet used myself, it had been premordanted when I bought it at Adventuress, where the workshop was held in Port Adelaide.
a lovely chestnut for madder dye on wool

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  1. Love those shapes and the madder is such a fantastic colour!