Monday, December 31, 2012

Experimental weaving - a string page

One of the experiments I did recently was weaving with plain string.  I made a page for a book by using some old wire as an outline approx A4 size; then I did irregular weaving with string, making sure not to have a neat grid.  I left all the tied off ends loose.  Then I melted some encaustic wax paints, and brushed them over the weaving.  You can see it is sitting on foil I recycled from microwaving potatoes, this foil just becomes discoloured but is usually quite clean and peels off from the wax easily.  Once the wax was dry I sewed on some bread tag beads.
Woven string page, painted with encaustic, bread tag beads - irregular weaving
Now, I have spent ages searching for a link to extend this post for you, trying to find some experimental weaving or weaving with string that wasn't regular and wasn't on a loom.  Spirit Cloth has some very interesting weaving posts, this is one of them.  Apart from Spirit Cloth and Windthread , who also have fascinating philosophical slants to their artwork, I can't find blogs or websites with what I'm interested in which is something different, not weaving on a loom, not nice neat stuff.

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