Saturday, December 29, 2012

Experimental art as a way of life

Having realised that Connotations is not just about a Recycle Cloth but is about experimenting too, I've started some fabric manipulation on it, and then adding beading to that, to nestle in the folds of the gathers.  The lilac strip I stitched along the length but going from one side to the other, that made it twist naturally.  Then the green organza square, I stitched a rough circle, pulled it up and attached with a few stitches, then sewed the beads in to the folds.  I also keep trying different embroidery stitches but keep coming back to the running stitch - it seems to give my wanted effect better. I'm also leaving all the loose ends on top which gives it a very relaxed look.  I stitch in a naive style (varying the length of the stitches) because it sits with my style of frayed edges and roughly cut and torn shapes.  Yes there is a circle there but it was a leftover from a workshop and needed recycling.  Now that I have started to use Connotations as a piece of experimental art, I don't have to think about a use for it.
Connotations - experimental art with recycling


  1. Love it Chris.
    I have been experimenting along the same lines but my work is a bit more pictorial/nieve. Sue W.