Friday, December 21, 2012

Online finances

(Looking for something different, I found these miniature prints by Dianne Longley, the Australian print artist.  I've always been fascinated with miniature anything - my dolls house is an ongoing project - and these appealed to me because of the fine detail.)

I looked at this page because I wondered how other artists deal with finances online.  I'm a bit wary about internet banking for my personal accounts - and this has led to a conundrum with my website.  I would like to give people the opportunity to buy but, especially outside Australia, it's a challenge because Aussie banks don't accept cheques from overseas unless they are bank cheques, and then there's a charge; and so many people like to pay directly online nowadays anyway. Cheques aren't so popular now also.   I notice that Dianne gives her bank BSB and account number for direct payments - I thought I would look into that with my bank.  PayPal is popular but I'm not sure - what do other people do to sell online?  Please comment here - I don't want the expense of setting up a merchant account and shopping cart - do other artists find selling using PayPal is good?

I've added two pages to my blog.

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