Monday, December 10, 2012

Skies - just love them.

Had lots of fun on the weekend, trying out my new encaustic set.  Bought the lot, after a demo and short practice at college.  Made myself work through my book to learn the techniques first, so after a few landscapes as in the book, I launched into my "own thing" :

Moody - with silver

Luscious - with gold and silver

Translucent - sunrise

When I do skies - which I love doing in any media - I tend to think of red/purple skies as sunrise rather than sunset.  I don't know if this is because I am more of a morning person or if it is because I am a glass-half-full person.

You can see another of my skies in this post - link below:

I was blog-surfing for more textile art skies and found this one which is different but I rather like:

..... and blog-surfing for encaustic skies, I found this one which is also rather lovely, with lots of skies:

I am captivated by skies, I've even got my husband taking photos of them, though the photo never quite captures the moment ..........

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