Friday, March 1, 2013


Where would we be without imagination?  It's where our art comes from.  I made some leaves using three techniques, free-machining over wire, over watersoluble fabric, and over sheer "bits", but my plan to put them in a basket meant they didn't show to their best advantage.  So I imagined a way to display them such that they could be turned around to see both sides but they could also all be seen at once.  I made a panel from my hand-dyed old sheeting, and strung the leaves from the dowel at the top.
Leaves Panel ©Christine Linton


  1. I just love this! The free hanging leaves are lovely on their own but they work so well with the graduated clours of the background. Fantastic!

    1. Thanks, I like the background colours too and have such fun dyeing found fabrics to my own plans.

  2. Can we get a close up photo of the leaves? Each one is different and there seem to be some rather magnificent sheer ones? Love to see more detail :)

  3. A good point Megan - I will see what I can do.