Sunday, March 24, 2013

Run out of steam

I seem to have come to a temporary full stop, artwise.  No motivation to finish all the things I've got on the go, so I've temporarily put them away.  The reason is probably that I have been working on things without a break for the last two years, and didn't even stop over the two Xmas breaks, so I've just run out of steam.  Time for recess.  This last week I did nothing except read, and help my daughter with sewing knitted squares together for a blanket.  I'm giving myself a full two weeks off.  I'm not stopping myself thinking about projects entirely, but won't let myself take any notes.  If I forget what I thought of this week, well, I'll think of something else.  I had to journal about it to find out why I'd lost my motivation - I do that about all sorts of things because I find journaling helps me find out what I'm really thinking, feeling or imagining back there on the backburner.  Sometimes I find thoughts I didn't know I had in my conscious life.  Fascinating!  Can't do without journaling.
©Christine Linton
This page is from a journal I made from an altered book found in an op shop.  I was using a linoblock I made on a white painted page.  I was exploring using the same linoblock in different colours in a journal about birds.

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