Monday, April 1, 2013

Creative Fusion - fusing creativity with artistic techniques

At last, the culmination of all the work we put in last year at Marden - our exhibition starts tomorrow 2nd April and runs till 26th April, at the Pepper Street Gallery in Magill, South Australia - any who are able, we'd love to see you there.  It is wonderful to see all the students' work finished and displayed, everything there is so different from the next piece and I like every single piece.  (This is most unusual for me.)  It is called Creative Fusion.  As we can't show anything we are exhibiting online until the end of the exhibition, here is an experimental wax flower garden.  I was working with the mini-iron tip, tiny screws of tissue, which gives the flowers texture, being 3D relief, maybe not obvious here; I worked on one of my free sample glossy photo papers.
flower garden in wax ©Christine Linton

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