Monday, November 2, 2009


UFO's, in textile terms, are "unfinished objects", those craft items that we started, ran into a problem with, and put away to finish later. I can't bear to leave these UFO's hanging around for too long; it's all too much clutter. So I get them out again, and have a fresh look at them. It may take a few months to do this, but I can't leave them for years like some people do. Often, a break means the brain has had chance to come up with a way to tackle the problem, or I may need to research how to do it. If I can't see any solution that I am prepared to actually do, then I either put it in the charity box for some hardier soul to have a go with, or - yes - I may well chuck it in the rubbish bin! It is only stuff, after all, and if I can't make use of it then it is no good to me. The quilt I am sewing in my photo on this blog is one of my UFO's which I had half-completed, having finished the patchwork, then put away for some months while I psyched myself up for the quilting. I just couldn't get the enthusiasm to finish it until I read the idea of using fleece as a backing, instead of a layer of batting and a backing layer. This is much simpler, quicker, and it quilts really easily too by machine.

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