Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sewing machines

Here is an interesting snippet about a basic - the sewing machine. This photo is courtesy of Wikipedia, thank you.

We all know the name of Singer in relation to sewing machines. He was an engineer, and when he saw a rotary sewing machine (an earlier type) being repaired, he decided he could make a better one. He mounted his needle vertically and included a presser foot, so that the cloth could be held in place. Combining elements of earlier machines, he gained an American patent in 1851. After some legal jockeying with earlier inventors, he joined forces with a lawyer named Edward Clark,
and together they formed the first hire-purchase scheme to allow people to buy their sewing machines in an affordable way. Singer Sewing Co invented the first electric sewing machines in 1889, with the motor strapped on the side, as most homes did not yet have power connected.

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