Monday, February 4, 2013

The pleasures of plain sewing

I've been doing some plain sewing today, which is really a big change for me after so much experimenting the last few months.  It's been quite restful.  I have been asked to assist a group to make a textile book which I designed and made for dementia patients a few years ago.  I always meant to do more with it but after selling the original and donating the other one to the same Residential Care home, I went back to work full time and never did contact any other group about it.  So now my daughter was talking about it to someone in a care organisation, and they have asked me to assist a group to make their own.  So I have been cutting out calico and sewing it together, embellishing it - it will be different to the originals because I like to work with what I have as much as possible, rather than keep buying new stuff all the time.  There's so much wastage that I try to minimise my own.

The original book looked like this:
"Treasury of Experience" closed  ©Christine Linton
The idea is to stimulate and interest dementia patients with items they can relate to, especially stuff from their own lives such as their old jewelry, a mothers day card, feathers for touching, bells to listen to, and so on.  It is designed to be used with a carer to provoke memories and talk about what they see and feel.  I'm so pleased I've got time nowadays to participate in something like this.

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  1. this is really interesting as you might know
    from care taking a woman with Alz.
    i will think about what you've written here.
    in her particular case, what she loved in
    life was so uhhh, momentary. she loved
    socializing. she loved having Company. she
    loved things, but in such a way that is contrary to me. so...this is very throught provoking for me.
    THANK YOU!!!! xo, grace