Monday, February 18, 2013

Weaving a rock formation

I've become fascinated by some rock formations near home.  This is one of the photos I took -

and I decided to try some experimental weaving to interpret it in fibres/textile.  So I took a mesh bag that held oranges last week, and some wool I bought for 50 cents at the op shop, and some dyed string in small pieces from the dyeing I did last year  where I had to cut the string off the pole-wrap shibori because I couldn't undo the knots; also a bit of tapestry wool from a bag of them also from the op shop.  I love recycling and everything in this is - or in fact upcycled, made into something better instead of languishing in the back of a cupboard.  Here is the result -
Experimental weaving on mesh bag, 100% recycled stuff ©Christine Linton
Originally I had it facing up the other way to better reflect the curves of the rock formation but when I dropped it and picked it up upside down, I immediately liked the effect better.  Never mind accuracy, it's effect I'm aiming for.

There are two blogs I follow that have inspired me to try weaving:

both different approaches and both very individual, and both worth looking at.


  1. I really like this! Both because of the choices for the media you've used and also because it really does echo the shapes of the rock formation.

  2. Um - WOW! (Seve me right for my erratic blog reading.... THANKYOU and I'm blushing :) ) I LOVE what you have done here, I think this is such an interesting mini-study.... would make a lovely series:) Am zooming off to checkout wind thread...