Saturday, October 3, 2009

Embroidery - grading your shades

(Shiny satin doesn't photograph too well, but I wanted to talk about grading shades of colour)

This embroidery was stitched in stranded cottons on black satin. I wanted to embroider a bird (as I often do) and the owl begged for a nighttime scene.
A cat had to go in somewhere, so that outline was on top of the wall - just what you might see dimly in the distance. The moon was to one side, so I
graded the colours of the tree leaves - dark furthest away, then a shade lighter and lighter again on the side closest to the moon. I had scope to use
gradually changing shades of the strands in my needle. The shading of the tree actually shows up better on the photo than the owl, which I was so proud
of, as I followed the colours in my bird book as accurately as I could. There are hundreds of shades in stranded cottons, you can always find a match
for whatever you are stitching.

By the way, I have altered the name of the stitch I used in the last post - the leaves were not cretan of course, but fly stitch.

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