Monday, January 28, 2013

Embroidery and beading

Just thought I would post my New Years Eve machine embroidery.  It started off with hand embroidery for the city buildings at the bottom and for the first few fireworks, then I thought that it needed more life for such a sparkly type of evening, so I dropped a lot of metallic thread waste on the sky part and free-machined with clear thread.  Now the fireworks give the expression of excitement.  I used a piece of black satin given to me as a pillowcase, it was quite thick.  I mounted it on a piece of corrugated cardboard from a box, which is why it's not quite straight all round.  It has gift-wrapping ribbon hanging from it which I thought was an appropriate embellishment.
New Year's Eve embroidery ©Christine Linton
New Year's Eve embroidery, detail of the fireworks ©Christine Linton
Something I have tried to machine embroider but not yet succeeded to my own mind, is bird feathers - but I did bead one that I liked.
Beaded feather  ©Christine Linton
Cheryl Bridgart on the other hand has some stunning machine embroidered feathers in this image amongst a website full of stunning machine embroidery.  She inspires me to try again.

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