Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another Tuesday post

David the (possible) Goliath Stick Insect
A bit more on my visit to the Adelaide Zoo - I'm not absolutely sure (there was no sign on it) but I think this is a Goliath Stick Insect.  It was certainly big enough, about 20cm/8" long.  Quite fascinating.  I gave him a name which was a bit obvious but he is rather cute.

Just some of a large quantity of dyed paper
I took advantage of our spring weather to dye some paper last week.  Some was white tissue paper and cardridge paper and some was brown paper bags (mainly Subway).

I wanted some solid(ish) colours which was the brown paper bags, and with the sheets of white tissue I dropped drops of contrasting colours on the dye-painted sheets to give random effects.  I started dyeing paper after I bought a little book from the charity shop called Tie-Dyed Paper, by Anne Maile.  It took my previous dyeing experience of fabric a step further, and as I now make books, journals and bookmarks, this technique is getting used quite a lot.  I tried to find out more about Anne Maile but couldn't.

I used Procion dyes which I get from Kraftkolour who I find to be extremely helpful, over the phone or email, and quick to deliver your order.  Remember these are not natural dyes but chemicals so you must be careful to use gloves; having said that, I have never had any problems with them.  You must wear a dust mask when making the dye powder up into liquid to avoid breathing the dust, but once in liquid form just wear gloves.  It takes ages to wear off skin - I speak from experience!  Procion dyes have wonderful bright colours in many shades.  I store the excess in plastic bottles left over from liquid soap, and it lasts for ages, ready to reuse.  I think there is a time limit once it is liquid but I have stored it for months and used it and it's been fine.


  1. Lovely! Are they destined for more books?

  2. Yes, I have a concept in mind for a new book ....