Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More on embroidery design

For anyone interested in all the textile arts, I recommend this website I found this morning, I have a tinyurl for it which is http://tinyurl.com/olywmv

More on embroidery design.
Think of the threads you are going to use -some like silk, some like stranded cotton – silk shines, cotton gives a matt finish, so you may consider these points.

Think too of the scale. If your design is farly large, you can include lots of detail. If small, you need to simplify – pick out the major points such as eyes, and just suggest smaller details with a few stitches, e.g. spot on fur can be a few small stitches.

Add notes on your final drawing about colours, stitch direction and any other things you may want to refer to later. This makes your embroidery pattern more useful to you as a working plan. But expect to change your mind – it makes life fun!

Also consider being innovative – you don’t have to only embroider or only applique for instance – combining techniques can give a highly original look and I will give you more ideas on this in future blogs. This is commonly known as Mixed Media.

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