Saturday, August 1, 2009

Patchwork Piecing

Today I have a few hints on patchwork piecing. I'm thinking about it because my husband has picked out a patchwork quilt for me to make, and it contains hundreds of squares cut into triangles. A couple of posts back I gave you my idea for using glad snaplock bags for categorising the various sizes and shapes. Another idea is to use fleece as a backing instead of the usual batting and fabric backing. This makes for a light quilt, better for summer use, or if it is going to be a throw rather than a bed quilt. I have machine-quilted on this very successfully - the walking foot goes over the two layers like a dream with no rucking-up of the patchwork layer.

As far as the piecing goes - there is a tradition that you have to build in a mistake because only God can achieve perfection. I like this rule because I can excuse my mistakes by saying they were meant!

I do use a rotary cutter for large amounts of straight cutting, but I am a philistine really because I prefer scissors - anyone else out there who shares my feeling?I found this pattern in a magazine several years ago, before I started designing my own patterns, and as I have a great affection for a cup of tea, I made it straight away.

Back to embroidery next time.

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