Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ghost nets

Following on from the previous post, one of the inspirations for working with mesh bags was finding out about "ghost nets" - discarded fishing nets that continue to float in the sea, catching fish, turtles and other marine life for no one, simply as pollution destroying marine life.  How careless, how uncaring of our planet's life.   This is a link to a website (http://www.ghostnets.com.au/) that shows how the local indigenous people used these nets to recycle them into art.  Workshops were held in North Queensland to give inspiration to the local people, using experienced fibre artists, such as West Australian Nalda Searles - see this page.

The first mesh basket I made was this one:
basket made from mesh bags ©Christine Linton


  1. That's sad yet uplifting as well - just the resourcefulness of people is so heartening.

    1. Yes I'm always glad to see positive responses to difficult situations.