Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chookys and thread waste

After looking at the bag of thread waste hanging off my sewing table, seeing it get so full and I have another full bag in the drawer - decided to use it in a pic.  I've been sketching my Chookys again and have just sketched Singing Chooks - see below.

I traced this sketch onto tracing paper as a pattern and free machined it onto some tea-dyed calico.  Two layers for stability.  I used various colours of thread to match my sketch.  I always draw my Chookys in different colours each time; partly to give them all individual characters but also because I want to.  The last 2 years that I have spent studying Visual Arts at Marden have freed me up from artistic constraints.  This is the Singing Chookys in free-machining and waste thread.  I like the way they dance and the thread waste gives them movement, looks like it's flying around.

I have already made one book of Chookys, which you can't see until the Marden Cert 4 Exhibition next April at Pepper Street Gallery, but I am thinking of making a textile version now.

Browsing through some lovely hand-made artist book sites - love this:

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