Saturday, January 5, 2013

Changing the appearance of a weaving sample

How to still sew in the middle of an Aussie heatweave - had to go out and buy a fan for my studio so that I could sew; the heat 45 Celsuis/110 Fahrenheit finally succeeded in draining my energy.  So today I've been able to set up sewing again and stitched this Experimental Weaving onto my Connotations cloth. First I gathered these strips stitching from side to side which helps them twist, then gathered them; then wove them together.

Connotations Experimental Weaving  with gathered fabric threads.
Then I slid the weaving onto a space on my Connotations.  I let the strips fall naturally in different ways as I slid the weaving piece on because then I had two different appearances and two photos to look at.  (Addicted to photographing my work in all stages.)  Once it  had fallen into its new alignment, which makes it look totally different, I used bright orange DMC cotton embroidery thread to stitch it in place, varying my stitch size for a naive look.  My colour scheme for Connotations is blues, greens and orange.  I love this because of the high contrast of the orange, yet using blues and greens for the fabrics and orange for the thread (mostly, not entirely) means I am keeping some consistency.   

Connotations Experimental Weaving after stitching onto cloth

On the left of the weaving you can see an area of threads.  These are from my "waste thread" bag which hangs under my sewing machine table; I stitched these on by hand which is new for me because usually I free-machine thread waste onto fabric.  I'm consciously working a lot more hand stitching nowadays.  I find it very relaxing, the effect is similar to when you are walking in a place of natural beauty.

The fabrics themselves are strips of  hand-dyed, or painted with fabric paint, or plain commercial fabric (that is the blueish maive one.  The colour is exactly in the middle of blue and purple, if you put it against one of those it looks like the other.)

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