Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ibis on the riverbank

Trying out some lino printing on collage - looking for the effect of printing onto overlapping layers.  I used green and blue dyed and painted papers, from last year's marathon session of altering paper towels and other discarded and recycled papers.  A bit of red in there - well, there are always escaped flowers growing on the riverbank amongst the native plants, and I wanted an impressionistic effect with the collage to show the riverbank.  The ibis lino cut is on the right hand side at the bottom - you have to look, which is usually the case when birdwatching down among the overgrown edges of the Torrens river, such a good habitat for water birds to breed in, lots of cover for them.

Ibis on the riverbank - paper collage, linoprint
Christine Linton 2013

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