Monday, January 14, 2013

Experimental crochet

A couple of years ago I learnt how to make spirals in crochet, and I used that technique to make a fringe on a scarf that I crocheted.  Last week, I used that knowledge in my experimenting.  I gathered up all the dyed string I could find and tied it together in a ball.  This is string that I used when I was pole-wrap shibori dyeing some fabric last year for my college assignment.  Most of it was a greenish colour but some was yellow and rust.  The dye was Procion dyes; these are chemical dyes but I have never had problems with them and I am careful about not inhaling the powder and wear gloves as well.

Anyway, this string had been waiting for me to use it.  I was making some spirals for another piece and tried the string.  The result was too bulky for the piece but I really liked the clunky look and thought I'd show it here.  The ends where I tied smaller pieces together add to the raggy effect I like to use in my work.
spiral crochet, dyed string©Christine Linton
Naturally I did some blog surfing to find some more experimental crochet, and was blown away to find these wonderful works of extraordinary crochet art which I hope you will admire as much as I did.

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