Monday, May 13, 2013

Some other machine leaves

Here are a few more of the close ups of the machine embroidered leaves.
printed organza leaves, double layers, free machining over beading wire to twist into shape ©Christine Linton

heavy machine embroidery on thick upholstery fabric, so it can be twisted into shape easily 
©Christine Linton

the back of the above leaf - in some ways even more interesting ©Christine Linton


  1. Backs sometimes are more interesting that fronts!

  2. Yes I agree, I often find it's worth checking out backs before deciding which to use.

  3. Wonderful - did you stitch all the colours? of just the veins?

  4. Yes I machine stitched the entire leaf, which is what gave it the interesting double side, because the bobbin wasn't always the same as the top.