Saturday, November 14, 2009

Here are my patchwork mice, though the pink one is not patchwork but felt.  The pair are smaller than the bigger blue one.  I made these last weekend, sewing together lots of squares of fabric to make a larger piece of fabric, then cutting out the mouse body shape and a gusset.  The ears are felt and the tails are felt except for the blue one, that is a piece of string covered with zigzag stitch which was quite easy, just put the feed dogs down on your sewing machine and use a darning foot, then you can zigzag as densely as you like with blue cotton, slowly working down the string.  I made the gusset by holding the 2 body pieces, after sewing them together and turning inside out, and pressing the seam flat,  hold them open over felt or fabric and draw round the wedge shape, cut it out and sew onto the bottom, stuffing before you close it up - also put the tail in before you close it up.  Make the ears from felt, giving them a little pleat when you sew them on to make them look right, and sew on a couple of black beads for eyes.  Add a few stitches for a mouth.  I forgot whiskers but you could use fishing line - they might stand out instead of flopping - I'll have to think more about whiskers.

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