Sunday, November 8, 2009

Craft and Quilt Fair

Just been to the Craft and Quilt Fair in Adelaide - had a terrific time, saw some wonderful quilts; I feel full up with the beauty of it all. I enjoyed the traditional quilts but mainly I was drawn to the art quilts, they were absolutely riveting.

I bought a kit to make silk flowers, and some fabric paint that I was looking for - I have learnt the hard way that not all fabric paints can be sewn through when dry, so always ask!

A technique I saw a lot of at the Quilt Exhibits was the building up of layers of tiny pieces of fabric to show texture and shading, e.g. trees, landescape; and the building up of layer of various media for the same purpose, e.g. yarn couched on fabric A, which is then sewn on to fabric B ...

Also texture was shown with "clumps" of beads, and different types of stitching on the same piece, next to each other, such as areas of close machine quilting next to open hand quilting.

I'm ready to experiment!

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