Saturday, March 9, 2013

Climbing out of the rut

Just been to see the Turner exhibition at the South Australian Art Gallery in Adelaide - well worth a visit; though I'm not keen on his maritime ship paintings, the others which show the effects of light are great.  I think seeing these international exhibitions is valuable even if they are not in the media that you work in yourself.  Opens the mind, broadens the viewpoint, stimulates the brain - well done SA Art Gallery.
I spent a thought-provoking morning browsing the "Turner from the Tate" and the newer additions to the Contemporary Galleries (finding the fantastic new acquisition, by Ben Quilty "Evening shadows, Rorschach after Johnstone 2011", which you can see at my link Ben Quilty masterpiece) then after lunch I made notes in my journal about what I had seen and my current/future plans sitting in comfort up in the State Library - I think it's important to review what I'm doing regularly because I get bogged down in a rut - I hate to admit it but that's my comfort zone - and I need to get back to experimenting to keep fresh.  I'm still inclined to be over-organised and had to pull myself up in this journal-writing session and face the high edges of that rut and jump over into the mud, and get scratchy again.

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