Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ice Crystals as embroidery

One of the constants in my artwork is nature.  I love walking in nature, studying nature, and while birds are my favourite thing, sometimes I see a natural form that is so beautiful I want to interpret it in stitch.  This is what happened here.  While browsing Christi's blog Sweetpea Path, I found her beautiful photo of ice crystals (Ice Crystals photo, look at the blog and go down three photos) and she kindly gave me her permission to use it as the basis for some embroidery.  This is free-machine embroidery.  It is only a sample so I was experimenting and used three different metallic threads, working on some silk on to which I had transferred encaustic wax (always sounds so CAUSTIC but actually is a very gentle technique, just melting wax).  It has rippled because I didn't use a hoop but it actually gives it a more organic appearance.  Like ripples!
Embroidery by Christine Linton©Christine Linton from a photo by Christi, Sweetpea Path blog

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  1. Scanning back though any old posts I have missed - LOVE this! What a happy experiment!