Sunday, December 23, 2012

Experimental weaving

I intend to do a lot more experimental art this coming year.  One of the things I have tried out is weaving - I've always thought it was not for me, too regular, but of course that was before I saw pieces such as this one from grace Forrest  and heini karariina too.  I had lots of strips of leftover fabric from dyeing pieces for a college project, which often come in useful for tying labels to things, but I thought I would try weaving them.  Some are different widths or irregular widths which was what I wanted.  It is just an experiment, which I spoiled eventually because I experimented further with it and painted encaustic wax on it - I hated the result, it spoiled the simplicity, and I threw it out.  Sometimes experiments don't give you what you expected but of course from that we learn what we like and don't like.
Experimental weaving piece 1 - I like the trailing ends

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