Monday, December 3, 2012

Nature Day

When I logged on this morning, I was planning on posting a photo of my Recycle Cloth, which I started after being inspired by Jude Hill, grace Forrest and others.  First I enjoyed my usual browsing of blogs, and then I found one new to me, Sweetpea Path (link   Sweetpea Path has such fond emotions showing in these photos.
       I felt so close to the emotion Christi was expressing I wanted to share a photo of my beloved cat Tibs - which one?  Finally decided on this, because she is so appealing curled up on the chair in my sewing room on a day when it was too hot to be outside.

Then I had to post this beautiful hollyhock growing in a garden nearby, which I passed on my morning walk. It is a deep reddish purple, stunning.  

Deepest purple hollyhocks in a nearby garden

When you are feeling strong emotions about something, nature has a way of calming - shows me the way.   Sometimes you have to go with the flow and change your plans because it feels right - agreed?

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