Thursday, November 24, 2011

Textile Journals

This is a photo of the front cover for my "Albatrosses & Archaeopteryx" journal.  I completed this for my major final project for Cert 3 Visual Arts (Textiles) which I have just finished.  During the time I was working on this project, I became very interested in textile art journals and making books and journals of all types, and plan to continue this interest next year when working on Cert 4.  I will show some more of this journal later.  The concept for the journal is the way that our way of life affects birds; the cover shows bits of litter, especially plastic, caught up in the net around the albatross heads.  The net is lace made on the sewing machine.  The heads are lino-printed on organza and calico layered which I dyed.  The beads on the spine are made of painted recycled paper scraps.

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