Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New plans

As the new year looms, I'm planning ahead, and thinking of revamping my website, because I'm really not happy with it any more.  I started it when I was producing textile patterns, and now I don't do that any more but have left the patterns on there because my body of work is still small, which I share on the two non-pattern pages, Book Arts and Textile Art.  I don't know whether to:

  • take the patterns off altogether
  • leave them but take them off the Home Page, and have a link to them somewhere else
Do any of my readers have any feedback for me?    I'd love some comments from you here on the blog.  To look at the website yourself and decide, this is my website link, or go to the feathers at the top of the blog,

 After reading this great book"I'd rather be in the studio" I want to make my website more current but feel a little unsure of the best way to go.   I have made the Home Page more current with recent work.

Also I don't know whether to:
  • change the layout altogether, losing the Green Information Boxes on various pages and concentrating on the art work itself only
  • or leave the Green Boxes but update them more often
  • and is the green background good?

Back to the art.  Here is a brooch I made ......
Glitterfly - made from sequinned glitter fabric (inside out), beads, wire, free-machining on vilene

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