Friday, December 14, 2012

Making books - different approaches

Yesterday I went to the State Library in Adelaide to view the catalogue of an exhibition by local book artist Diane Longley.  Unfortunately I couldn't see the actual books but the catalogue was quite descriptive and although my own work tends to the raggy edge look, I did admire the skill she showed, and the write-ups inspired me to think about my own approach to making books.  My approach is experimental - having arrived at book making later in life, every book is a new experience.  In my approach, I try to incorporate what Keith Smith calls “the whole-book experience”, giving content and form equally serious consideration.  So I might interpret the same concept with different formats until I find the one best suited.

I don’t start a book until I have an overall concept.  I don’t like making a book that doesn’t have a purpose behind it, a starting point.  Often I symbolise the concept rather than realistically represent it, for example, using gentle colours and soft shapes o show peacefulness rather than draw or stitch a sleeping cat.  Such as this:  (scroll down to the second book shown on my web page).

My meditation book - dyed papers, stitching

Inspiration – it always comes back to Nature.  Nature fulfils me, satisfies my soul.

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