Thursday, December 6, 2012

Textiles or paper?

We all need to spend time without conscious thoughts and labels circulating in our heads, to allow creativity to spring up.  We can think too much.

My whole life I have been a textile fan.  Recently I've discovered how wonderful paper is to work with too.  But I've been trying too hard to combine textiles with paper.  Just because I have a weakness for both (or is it a strength for both?) it's ok to use them separately.  I kept thinking (thinking!) that I had to use everything I like at once.  Too much thinking, not enough being.  Losing creativity.

Paper is wonderful in codex form, and folded books.  Textiles are great in scrolls because of their properties - they still lie flat after being rolled up for ages, unlike paper (except soft paper napkins).  Other types of paper hold the rolled-up effect depending on the thickness and stiffness of the paper.  Paint adds to the stiffness even if diluted, while dyes don't.  So I prefer textiles and papers to have the vehicle to show their own special qualities.  They can be combined, but don't have to be to still be a mixed-media artist.

I made a scroll from wet felting which unrolled beautifully every time.  The cover for this scroll I made from a silk scarf that I bought plain, then dyed with silk dyes, then patched with torn, dyed silk organza pieces.  It is luscious.  I love it.  And being silk it unrolls flat.
Dyed silk scarf with patches of organza, used as a Scroll Cover

To help you let thoughts go, and let creativity surface, please look at this beautiful photo on Sweetpeapath blog - what peace it brings to a mind.  Master the art of doing nothing, to quote someone but I don't know who - does anyone else know where this comes from?