Thursday, November 29, 2012

The meaning of art and craft

Out for a walk by the river at 6am today (already 25 degrees Celsius, forecast 40, which is over 100 Farenheit) found this piece of bark below a gum tree.  I loved it because it shows that "creased" effect they get around where branches form, where the bark looks like a stocking falling down.  Gums lose bark every year.  It's a great surface for kids to paint on.

Before the day became too hot and I retired to my book to read, I worked on some pages for a book called Layers of Meaning.  I stopped myself from writing what it all meant when I remembered this post by Aloquin, where she reminds us that art doesn't have to have a meaning, it can just be art (or craft).  Aloquin has some interesting posts - I've only just discovered her blog - it's worth going to the link and then catching up on other posts.

Do you, the blog reader, also feel you have to justify what you make with a specific meaning, or a reason for creating it at all?

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