Monday, November 12, 2012

Another face

After looking through my Dye Unit Folder for more inspiration, I found this mop-up cloth - originally a piece of calico dyed with leftover orangey dye, then I used it to mop up all the little bits of dye left around inside my containers.  I didn't see the face until I heat-set it with the iron.  By the way, if you have an old iron it is better to use that for heat-setting dyed or painted cloth, otherwise you are forever cleaning your iron before using it on your best white blouse - and there's always a dot of red left behind on the iron from the dye or paint anyway, no matter how much you clean it!
Squinting Face

After looking through my "Faces" posts, I looked to see what else I could find online about faces - here is a post about an artist "Terry Grant"  painting faces on art quilts.  It is from 2005 but still rather interesting.  The second link shows some more of this artist's work.

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