Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nature Photography and Encaustic

Yesterday I went to see the ANZANG Nature Photography Exhibition at the SA Museum - stunning photography, and I encourage you to have a look at the Museum page with the entries, link below - the picture at the top changes to show some of the photos in the exhibition.  Seeing the whole exhibition is even better. 
My own nature photography is very amateur though I have taken a few good ones - this is one I took of a gecko trying to escape from the house while my husband hosts it.

Another thing I did yesterday while I was in Adelaide was to buy myself an encaustic wax set - has the wax, the special iron, the stylus, the paper - we had a fascinating demo at college recently and I spent a couple of hours using the college set, learning this new skill.  As I used the results in a journal cover for the Pepper Street exhibition next year I can't show you them but on accessing the website listed in the encaustic booklet I found a YouTube video showing cool techniques with a hotplate - oh no, something more to save up for, looks so wonderful to work with ...... here is the link for the video - 

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