Saturday, November 24, 2012

Suburban birds in Adelaide

Yesterday I heard a bird chick calling from above - and up on the power lines, an Eastern Rosella was feeding it's chick - you know, the movement they make shifting food from the crop into the beak that looks like they are heaving, then they transfer it into the beak of the chick.  Never seen this species do it before, so I reached for my phone to take a photo - left at home!!!   Blast!!!  Birds are such a constant part of life in the suburbs, wonderful to see so many about.  A fairly new magazine here in Australia is Australian Wildlife Secrets, and their blog has some fascinating information about dealing with bird emergencies, such as birds in chimneys, entangled in string and wire, fledglings falling into crevices, broken legs even.  Scroll down from the paragraphs at the beginning to reach this info.

I love chickens and often sketch them, in a naive style, in different situations - anthropomorphic, not realistic.  As I'm keen to recycle rather than keep buying, I rescued a discarded Chux cloth from the washing up and stitched this Chooky running on to it.  I used cotton embroidery floss, 3 and 6 strands; I always used colours for my Chookys.

I drew this one straight onto the Chux cloth though I usually use a sketchbook - does this mean I am becoming more confident in my sketching?

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