Friday, May 2, 2014

My own style

I have been enjoying workshops with Lizzie Emery, and below is a picture of a coiled basket that I made in the basketry class; I have added my own style by firstly stitching the coils together with tapestry wool from the Op Shop, and more so, by adding my own "parcel beads".  I made these one day when I was trying to find a way to make beads from fabric but without using glue.  I was delighted to find a piece to use them on.  They are made from cotton voile dyed with Procion dyes; they are tied together with gold cotton embroidery floss, which I tied up in a circle.  I liked them so much because they were different to anything I had seen, and because they are totally surrounded with frayed edges - my favourite finishing technique!  This sample of 5 beads sat on my design wall for some weeks before I decided this was an ideal place for them to end up.  My design wall by the way is a white door on a cupboard, next to where I sew.  Needs must.
©Christine Linton
Ok the photo is a bit blurry, didn't realise that.  But you get the overall idea, and the parcel beads show up well in the detail photo below.  I am using the basket to store some gum nuts and other seed pods, which I plan to use as embellishments later on.  I always like to use things that I have made if they are practical pieces, though I have overcome the drive to always make stuff that is useful.  I am happy now to make something for art's sake.
©Christine Linton

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