Sunday, February 14, 2010

My website

At you will find my new website.  A few problems with links at the moment, as my thumbnail pictures don't link to their larger counterparts, and a couple of other links, but overall I am pleased with it.  The link problems will soon be fixed (my son is the computer whiz, I'm afraid the web server pages are clear as mud to me) and that will be great, but anyway it will get there in the end.

This fishing rod bag is one of the free patterns on my website.  I made it from an old pair of jeans but you could certainly use new denim.  It doesn't take long to make but you need to put a heavy needle in your sewing machine, and if you have a walking foot that makes it a bit easier as sewing over denim seams can be hard going.  If you would like to make hubby's fishing rod a cover, you can print the pattern off from the website.

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