Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gathering Reds - a new bag

 Last week I made a new handbag.  I have been looking for a new one for ages, but they were always just a bit wrong - either the handle wasn't long enough to put over satchel-style, or the design outside was not attractive, or the pockets inside weren't numerous enough - and I had decided I wanted a fabric bag instead of leather, and the insides of bags are always black or at least very dark, so I can't see what I'm looking for ......... so yes, I finally made one, based on measurements of my nearest-to-favourite bag.  I decided to have a feature on the front, which is gathering; I made an adjustable long strap; I made the lining from white homespun so I can see the contents; I made enough pockets to suit me, inside and one on the back; and I tried something I've never tried before - inserting a concealed-edge zip at the top, which is not actually concealed but sits inside a wide zip placket, for stylish but easy opening; and I made a flat bottom.  The actual bag fabric is a piece I bought from a meeting of Fibre Artists Network, where I had made myself go outside my comfort zone and buy RED.  I'm normally a blue/purple/green/yellow person.  The result - I love it!

©Christine Linton

The beaded embellishment I added to the strap  afterwards

©Christine Linton

Before adding the beaded embellishment

©Christine Linton  

The inside

The techniques I learnt for bag-making come partly from my own experience but largely in recent times from a book called The Bag Making Bible, by Lisa Lam - enjoy her blog here.

I have just added a photo to my Bird Diary blog - thank you to all who followed the link last time.

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  1. The bag is wonderful - I love that deep red fabric!