Sunday, June 16, 2013

Paisley scarf with fringe

Working on my paisley designs, I refined one down to one for block printing.  I had carved one in the largest size, then found that as I went smaller, I had to slightly change the design because it became progressively harder to carve detail as I went smaller.  So the three that I ended up with, I was happy with, and printed a silk scarf in three different colours, blue, emerald, violet.  I also blended them at the end as emerald/blue and violet/blue for a few printings.  Then I wanted something equally delicate as fringing, so I used up all my silk embroidery floss in blues, greens and purples.  I'm very happy with it, the colours are my comfort zone and I really enjoyed the printing, the designs came out so well.
©Christine Linton

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  1. That's lovely! The colours work so well together and the paisleys are deautifully detailed.