Monday, September 24, 2012

Phoenix as a concept

I've been thinking about the phoenix - not the mythical bird exactly, but the concept of new rising from old, as I come to the end of my studies at Marden.  Studying Visual Arts (Cert 3 & 4) for the last two years has changed totally the way I work.  I no longer automatically make traditional designs, but have developed my own style, which is much more contemporary, with ragged edges on paper or textiles - and I use a lot of paper now, as I turn towards my new interest in making artist books, blank journals and bookmarks - I will be starting to show them on my website soon, but just at the moment I am still revamping it.  I spend much more time thinking about what I am trying to say, and what book format will suit it best.  Phoebe the phoenix is sitting on a stone thinking with her tongue sticking out, as I do when concentrating.

Thinking also about Art as Business - this website "OhMy!" has some interesting information and philosophies on how to turn your art into a business venture; I'm still exploring it.  Hope to get some insights so that I actually sell something!

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