Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Making Hand-Made Artist Books Workshop

I have just completed two Saturday workshops with Irmina van Niele, making books and gaining so much practical knowledge and loads of inspiration; below is a link to a site where you can see some of her work.  She is a lovely person and so helpful when you need to be shown a technique.


This workshop was enjoyable for the experience of being with others who love books and making books.  Irmina is a person who teaches clearly, also the value of her as a teacher was in the inspiration she gave, the knowledge she impartated, the encouragement to know the rules but also to know you could break them if you wanted, and the encouragement to make it your own way and not just the same as someone else's.  Her enthusiasm was inspiring and gave me a lift just when I needed it, at the end of my Cert 4 work.

I found from making the concertina "Meditation Book" in last week's post, that this format gives a very broad view as it opens up, yet can be a confined view also when closed or partly open, so it is usable for complex themes or concepts.  One of the important points when folding a concertina is to make sure the creases are at right angles to the sides, otherwise the book will not stand straight.  

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