Saturday, September 22, 2012

Art and Technology

After promising myself that I would post every week, I found I lost my internet connection (now fixed thankfully, just a technical difficulty).  Computers are great till they don't work.

I'm seeing baby ducklings down at the river, and was delighted to see two dusky moorhens with five babies, hiding away on the edge of the wetlands.  They moved away as soon as I approached so I watched them through the binoculars as the two adults picked whatever they eat out of the water and fed it to the chicks - so cute, what a wonderful sight.

Also I watched two Purple Swamphens walking over crushed reeds, picking bits out of their long long toes with their beaks - I could almost hear him complaining ........

This is an interesting site which I am considering joining - I have been working on my sketching skills this year.

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