Thursday, January 12, 2012

Experimenting with Tyvek

My latest experimenting is with bead making - I love making beads from fabric, and now I have bought a heat gun I can have even more fun.  I started with some leftover sheer fabrics, synthetic organza and so on, and this is the result.  The heat gun shrivels up the synthetic fabric creating interesting effects.
Then I bought some Tyvek, which is a strange synthetic solid type of fabric, painted it both sides and used that to make beads.  The heat gun again gave some great looks, even better than the last lot.  Some beads I made with just Tyvek and some I combined Tyvek with synthetics.


  1. Hi Christine, so lovely to meet you today at Inkpot. These beads are wonderful! So many possibilities.....

    1. These are my favourite type of beads, lovely that others like them too.