Sunday, January 15, 2012

Experimenting - Altered Books - Money grows on trees pages.

Another thing I have been experimenting with is Altered Books.  Altered Books are any old book that you take and - yes - alter it, as you like.  For instance, paint pages, collage onto them, sew into them.  Obviously you don't do it to a book that is valuable to you or that you think someone else would like; but there are many books in charity shops, or you may have some at home, that aren't of much interest or may be outdated information or that are simply falling apart - these are ideal to use because you don't feel like you're destroying something useful.  I picked up a child's board book for 50 cents in a charity shop and because I thought an advertisement's text was so funny, I used that for my first experiment in an Altered Book page.  First I painted the page with a pale blue over the Christmas scene, then added the cut out headlines which I altered slightly with pen and some receipts to tie in the theme, adding a couple of cuttings of leaves and plants and drawing the tree branch. 

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