Monday, October 7, 2013

Weaving with mesh bags

I have been saving up my mesh (orange and onion) bags.  These are often very plasticky but sometimes more flexible.  Either way I wanted to use them and as they have holes in  I naturally tried weaving into them.  I found this very difficult - manageable, but the effect wasn't worth the awkwardness.  Uninteresting.  (They could be fastened to a frame to make it easier).  So I turned the idea around and thought, what if I tried to weave with the bags instead?  So I ripped them into strips of varying widths - they rip neatly along a straight line so next time I will try rough cutting to get a ragged edge.  Then I used a piece of tapestry canvas from the Op Shop to weave these strips into.  One strip at a time looked very sparse - even though I was leaving it loose on top - so I doubled up the strips which gave it a much fuller look.  The overall look was quite ragged looking which I liked very much.  It is a bit hard to see in the photo because the mesh of the bags is thin.  But I like the visual texture (the actual feel is a bit yukky because it is a plasticky type of bag) and worth keeping in mind for some of the 3D stuff I want to start working on.
Weaving with mesh bags, on tapestry canvas©Christine Linton
While I was thinking about experimental weaving I did some "searches" and found this wonderful piece but with no name:  click here.
Also some other contemporary experimental weaving:  click here.
Once you start searching, there's plenty around, such as Megan Walsh-Cheek, who recently had a terrific exhibition of her weaving up at Hahndorf.

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