Friday, September 20, 2013

3D with bread tags

I have been playing with the last of my bread tag beads, and made this DNA double helix - simplified of course from the real thing.  I used some wires to thread the bread tag beads, and dug it into a sponge before twisting the two strands - not exactly as the diagram I found on the internet, partly because I couldn't make it go that way, and anyway this is art not science.  I used kebab sticks for support, and added bits of curly copper wire and broken jewelry, a piece of plastic peg - DNA can get contaminated.  An enjoyable experiment.  I have put on the video I took to try and show the effect.  Whether it works or not on the blog I will see.  It makes my eyes go a bit funny if I look at it for too long.
Bread Tag DNA ©Christine Linton
detail showing bits of copper wire curled, bits of broken jewelry, piece of plastic peg 
©Christine Linton

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